Aurora borealis

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The Aurora Borealis,( aka Northern Lights)  is a wonderful bonus on your visit to Alaska. 

And we go to great lengths to make it happen for you. We offer the local tour for 140 per person. And offer options  to go farther north.

We have several weather forecast that we check, we also use NOAA aurora forecasts and a App called Aurora app pro. We also receive feedback from numerous sources online.

If you will tell us which phone you have or camera, we can help you photograph the beauty of the Northern Lights. (We offer tripods up to 4.)

Most times we leave at 10 pm and can return as late as 3 or 4 am. Mind you you make the call as to when we return.


Call us today and lets set it up for you. These tours are booked over the phone not online. 

We took at least 30 tours last year and 3 this year. And we missed one night. Cloud cover moved in. Weather in Alaska is most unpredictable, if we don't believe there is a more than 70% chance........we don't go.



A 45 mile drive south on the Turnagain Arm and through the Chugach Mountains, what a beautiful Majestic ride. With photo stops along the way. We help build memories for a lifetime.  Visiting the Explorer Glacier and runoff lake. And the 200 acre wildlife center.........AMAZING

Where ever you want to go......there is beauty to see and we can get you there.

We give you a chance to call the shots for your tour. Call and lets get you out to see Alaska.

Call today and book your single or multiple day adventure. With the best and friendliest driver, who has an eye for adventure.

Our prices are the best offer for the quality time and experience you receive. We are not rushed, but give you the chance to see the most beautiful sites that Alaska has to offer.


SEWARD AND EXIT GLACIER/ Mat- Su glacier$250

We begin this tour from anchorage for a 3 hour drive to Seward Alaska. With stops at Beluga point, plus some stops along the way.  And upon arrival to Seward we take a 1 mile hike to the Exit Glacier(unless the road and park are closed.)and the most beautiful Scenery ever. And then there is a short drive to downtown Seward for a chance to visit Alaska Sea life center(not included) and a hot lunch(included).   A Local glacier and wildlife cruise is available also for 130 more. And is a 4 hour cruise from noon to 4  THIS IS A  9 HOUR TOUR or to Matnuska Glacier park, to walk on the Glacier. And lunch with stops along the way to see Alaska.

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6 hour tour $225.00

The Wildlife Conservation Center and Portage Lake and Glaciers are the most favorite stops. And combining those with the Alyeska resort are a full day tour. We include a Hot lunch at Chair 5 in Girdwood. and there are numerous stops throughout the day. THIS IS A 6 HOUR DAY

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This is a beautiful 45 mile drive down the Turnagain highway and filled with majestic Mountains and numerous stops. Arriving for a walk around the 200 acres of a privately owned conservation center. And included with this, is a stop at the Explorer galcier and runoff lake of beautiful blue/green color. THIS IS A 3 1/2  TOUR

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There is a 50% refund available for cancellations up to three weeks advance notice. After that refunds are 20 percent til 1 week advance notice. No refunds within the last week.